The Tampak Siring Palace was built from 1957 – 1960. Construction of the presidential palace Siring looks were carried out slowly and experienced stages. Architect who designed the presidential palace was RM Soedarsono. The initial building that was built in 1957 was the Merdeka guesthouse and Yudistira guesthouse. The location is in the district of Tampak Siring Gianyar regency that you can visit by Bali car rental with driver.

The Tampak Siring Palace experienced an additional building in 2003, which was intended for the XIV ASEAN Summit. The addition of buildings to the Tampak Siring Palace, in the form of buildings for conference facilities and state guest receptions. The Wantilan Hall at the Tampak Siring Palace, also underwent a renovation for the state guest art show.

The purpose of the construction of the presidential palace, as a place for the President, the family of the president and state guests to rest while visiting the island of Bali.
In addition to the presidential palace, in Tampak Siring there is also the Tirta Empul Temple whose waters are sacred, because the people of the water here are considered sacred. Many local and foreign tourists visit here.

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