Bali ToursThe beauty of the island of Bali is undeniable. Over and over this Island of the Gods won world-class awards and recognition about its exotic beauty. This time, the latest award came from luxury magazine, Conde Nest Traveler. Every year Conde Nast Traveler surveys its readers to learn about the development of world tourism. Quoted from the official website of Conde Nest Traveler, this year the magazine involved no less than 600,000 readers to rank 30 islands in the world. The survey results were then released in the List of 30 Best Islands in the World 2019 version of the Conde Nest Traveler reader.
“This year, we divide the ranking according to region, which is the best in Asia, Australia and the South Pacific, Caribbean and Atlantic, Europe, North America, and Africa and the Indian Ocean,” Conde Nest Traveler wrote on their official website. The result, in the Asian category, the five best islands selected, namely Boracay (Philippines), Cebu and Visayan (Philippines), Penang (Malaysia), Palawan (Philippines), and of course Bali (Indonesia).
In the survey, Conde Nest Traveler described Bali as an island like no other. The magazine also writes that Bali has delicious seafood choices. The tourists can even eat directly processed fresh seafood on the beach. In addition to food, Conde Nest Traveler also highlights the uniqueness of Bali, for example, a road dominated by motorcycles to friendly wild monkeys in Uluwatu. However, even though the number of tourists is high and continues to grow, tourists can still find a unique Balinese charm in the serene villages surrounded by rice fields which can be visited in Bali tours.
“You can still hear the faint sounds of gamelan from its citizens who practice all the time, day and night,” the magazine wrote. Not to forget, Conde Nest Traveler also gave a warning about Mount Agung, a volcano that is considered sacred by the Balinese is still active today. Tourists are advised to check out Mount Agung’s seismic and volcanic activity before deciding to leave for holiday in Bali.
Another suggestion, for tourists who don’t like traffic jams, you should avoid Denpasar and Kuta, because these two regions are quite dense, both vehicles and tourists. Instead, Conde Nest Traveler recommends tourists to visit Ubud, a region that is rich in culture and has beautiful nature or take a day trip to Sidemen, to see the vast expanse of rice, or go further, for example to the village of Munduk in the mountains. Both location can be visited with the services of a Bali car rental which provide the best selection of cars for your transportation.

Ubud is one of the districts located in Gianyar regency, Bali. Tourist attractions in Ubud Bali already famous in the western hemisphere since the 1930. Tourist attractions ubud famous for its location which is located very strategically between the rice fields and forests and the mountain ravines that make Ubud nature so beautiful. Traveller who want to visit Bali must come to Ubud, in addition to enjoying the beauty of culture and tourism, here is also very suitable for you who want to find an atmosphere of tranquility. The people who live in tourist attractions in Ubud Bali live harmoniously and their pulse comes from the arts and culture that has been attached since the first. Do not be surprised, if you visit Ubud during Bali tour you will find many galleries – art galleries, art performances and everything would be fun.
1. Ubud Royal Palace, Age Over 200 Years
This Royal Palace of Ubud is named Puri Saren Ubud and better known as Puri Ubud. Ubud Castle was built by Ida Tjokorda Putu Kandel around the 1800s. The beauty of Puri Agung Ubud is still original even though the times have changed considerably.
Many local and foreign tourists who stop at this Palace, because not just beautiful, history attached to the palace is also a tourist attraction for a stopover. In this palace is almost every night held dance performances, such as Barong Ubud dance and you can see directly. The location of this palace is in the middle of the tourist attractions in Ubud Bali.
To enter the location of this tour is not charged, only if you want to watch the performing arts held by the manager, you must pay the cost of tickets performances art.
2. Enjoying Terraced Rice Terraces Tegalalang, Natural And Healthful
Terraced rice fields Tegalalang is one of the tourist attractions in Ubud Bali that you should try.
Here you can see the beauty of terraced rice fields from the height, already can be sure the air is fresh. Not wrong if this place becomes one of the favorite places tourists to spend vacation time. On the fringe of rice terraces are found many cafes – cafes that you can make a place to relax.
3. Monkey Forest Ubud, Family Places of Interest
Monkey Forest Ubud is one of the tourist attractions in Ubud Bali which is located in a protected forest that is still beautiful and cool guys. In this one tourist spot you can find many apes.
This place becomes one of the options for you who visit Bali with family, because here you will meet with other families who come from various regions in Indonesia.
4. Pace Your Adrenaline With Rafting In The Ayung River
Ayung River is one of the tourist attractions in Ubud Bali which is very famous for its rafting. You can try this one activity.
Many tourists are interested to try rafting on the river Ayung, the reason is because the rapids in this river is relatively safe for anyone who wants to try. If you want to try this rafting sensation, the activity has started open since 10 am.
5. Nyuh Yellow Village, Beautiful Tourism Village In Ubud Bali
Nyuh Kuning Village is a tourist village area in Ubud Bali guys. In this village you will witness the original life of Balinese people. This village is rather difficult to achieve because of the natural conditions, but the location of this village is quite strategic, just behind the tourist attractions Monkey Forest Ubud Bali.
In this village there are several hotels and villas are designed in such a way that anyone does not realize that the building is a commercial building, because the magic is similar to other village buildings. In Nyuh Kuning Village there is a restaurant that is quite famous restaurant Laka Leke. This restaurant regularly presents art performances, such as kecak dance, Barong and various kinds. If you want to enjoy the beauty of this tourist village, you must rent a vehicle like a bicycle or motorcycle, because you can be sure your holiday will be more fun.
6. Sukawati Art Market Ubud, Famous Market In Ubud
Ever watch Eat, Pray, Love movie starring Julia Robert guys? Well, one of his scene is in Art Market Sukawati Ubud. Ever since the movie was screened in theaters, this market became very popular and was overrun by many tourist guys.
7. Bukit Campuhan / Campuhan Hill Ubud, The Place of Pleasure – The Road In Ubud
Trip trek on Campuhan hill along 9 kilometers will make you be healthy. Because of the fresh atmosphere you will get here. The main attraction of the trip at Campuhan Hill is the towering green hills. On the way you will see the more beautiful interior of Bali.
8. Riding Elephant In Taro Village Ubud.
The village of Taro Tegalalang Ubud is one of the best places for you who want to ride an elephant. You will be spoiled for 30 minutes by the largest animal in the world. For 30 minutes you will be taken walking around the village that has this beautiful scenery.
The cost required to ride this elephant is quite expensive, but comparable to the pleasure you will get.
9. Watch Kecak Dance Performances At Pura Taman Saraswati Ubud
Pura Taman Saraswati Ubud is a temple dedicated to worshiping the Goddess of Saraswati. This temple is located on Jalan Kajeng, Ubud. Appearance This temple is more beautiful decorated by lotus flowers that grow in the pond around this temple.
This temple is a favorite destination of foreign and local tourists. In this temple there is a staging stage of Kecak dance that famous. You can watch this unique dance directly in this Pura Sawaswati.
The best time to visit this temple is at around 19:30 pm just before the start of the dance performances kecak.
10. Neka Ubud Museum, Witnessing the Work of Famous Painters In Indonesia
Neka Ubud Museum was founded in 1982 guys. The name of the museum is taken from the name of a teacher who likes to collect paintings, his name is Suteja Neka.
This beautiful building has Balinese architecture guys. For you art lovers, do not miss the tourist attractions in Ubud Bali this one, in the museum Neka there are about 300 paintings that come from various places both abroad and Indonesia.
The museum is open daily except for national holidays.
11. Ubud Puri Lukisan Museum, The Oldest Museum In Bali
Museum Puri Lukisan Ubud is the oldest museum on the island of Bali. The museum is specially filled with traditional paintings and traditional wood carvings.
For you lovers of paintings and traditional Balinese carvings, the Puri Lukisan Ubud Museum is the right choice for you to visit. The museum is open from 9.00 am to 18.00 Bali time except Nyepi day.
12. Tampaksiring Presidential Palace
Tampaksiring Palace was founded by President Soekarno in Manukaya Village, Tampaksiring District, Gianyar Regency, Bali. Of the six presidential palaces in Indonesia, Tampaksiring palace has a uniqueness, which is located on the architecture of the building. If the other presidential palace building thick with european architecture, while Tampaksiring Palace built with the architectural style of the archipelago and thick with Balinese culture.
Tampaksiring Presidential Palace is one of the tourist attractions in Ubud Bali that you must visit. In addition to beautiful, many stories of Indonesian history will you find here. To visit here, you must get permission first from the palace complex guard.
13. Pura Tirta Empul Tampak Siring
In addition to Tampaksiring Presidential Palace, one of the famous tourist attractions is Pura Tirta Empul Tampak Siring better known tourists as Tirta Empul.
The attraction of Tirta Empul is a natural spring used by Hindus to bathe and invoke the holy throne. If you travel to Ubud Bali, do not miss this wista place. Because this is one of the favorite tourist attractions of local and foreign tourists.
14. Gunung Kawi Cliff Temple
If you are in Ubud by Bali car rental, do not forget to stop by Gunung Kawi Temple. This temple was built around the 11th century. The location is near the Pakerisan river in the area of ‚Äč‚ÄčTampaksiring located in the northeast of Ubud tourist attractions in Bali.
Gunung Kawi Climbing Tour is one of the ancient tourism and is a nature reserve in Bali, many foreign tourists who stop here.

For the traveler who enjoy a holiday in Bali could attend the Bali Vegan Festival is aimed at people who Veg or Non-Veg. The event, which took place in Ubud Bali and you can visit during the program tour in Ubud, this event will bring together and unite the chef world class vegan, yoga teachers, musicians, comedians, fans and neighborhood vegan lifestyle from all walks of life around the world.

The festival will be held for three days starting on October 7 to 9, 2016 and will be located in Ubud Bali, precisely in Paradiso Ubud which will be the center of activities during this weekend. There are some core events that will be presented at the festival as a free yoga class every day, talk show about the world of Vegan with experts, Cooking Class, Entertainment, Dance Salsa, Children’s activities, meditation and others.