Audible screams from the participants of flying fox rides games built around Bloo Lagoon Beach, Hamlet Ceningan, Klungkung which you can visit during your Bali tour activity. Unlike the flying fox rides at other locations in Bali, or even in Indonesia, flying fox in Klungkung is arguably the most extreme.
The game rides stretches about 100 meters and on the brink of a steep with a height of about 50 meters.
Travelers who would do this game will glide over the fierce waves of the Indian Ocean and steep cliffs Ceningan Island.
Thus, this game will test rides adrenaline for anyone who dared to try it. This vehicle was built last October by an Australian citizen. Travelers dominant try this game is the Australian domestic travelers and foreign tourists.
Although classified as extreme, in the implementation of this flying fox rides, managers remain concerned about security. Vehicle safety standards have also been following the international standards such as the use of a rope sling 2 layers and protective helmets.

Uluwatu has lots of things on Bali, there is a temple, sunset and Kecak dance performances to watch. Pura Luhur Uluwatu is one of the tourist destinations located around the district of Kuta, Desa Pecatu, Bali interesting places to visit while on vacation to the island. In addition to being offered a unique attraction, the natural beauty of the upper temple is also very charming.

Before entering into the temple area, all visitors to wear skirts or shorts are asked to use the color purple or yellow cloth as a form of respect when entering into the shrine. The travelers were also asked to keep all the items in the bag and do not bring food and drinks into the area because the region surrounded by monkeys.

The ambiance of the top rock so beautiful. Panorama of clear skies and calm sea looks together. During their Bali tour session, all local and international tourists who come certainly do not want to miss this moment without photographed together. In fact, this is often the location of pre-wedding photo session with a background of sky and seas.

After enjoying the beauty of the top rock shells, tourists also do not want to miss watching Kecak around the temple. Kecak performances is always held every afternoon so that the maximum appearance. Kecak held in Uluwatu who have the means as a small stadium with a payload of up to 800 spectators.

Not only can you enjoy the Kecak dance performances, the travelers also enjoy the seconds before sunset. While waiting for the preparation of dance began, I was presented with a beautiful view, where the sun looked round and seemed to want to merge with the sea. The rays are so seared but not hot because it was getting late.

Once the sun started to turn orange, then the dancers into the location area Kecak presented. So visitors can see the traditional dance while enjoying the sunset from the top of the Pura Luhur Uluwati, Bali.

Bali genossen am Morgen gleich am Strand zu entspannen. Obwohl viele Alternativen, die früh am Tag in Bali rundreise getan werden kann. Einer von ihnen baden die Elefanten Taro . Die Elefanten waren von Sumatra Insel , einige von ihnen aus dem Weg Kambas .

Ist einzigartig, die Besucher zu Elephant Safari Park, das Dorf Taro , Tegallalang , Gianyar, können die Elefanten baden. Einige ausländische Touristen sieht Spaß mit dem Elefanten in den Teich herum zu spielen . Sie reiten auch auf Elefanten und Aufnahmen zusammen .

Andere Bali ausflüge handlungsoptionen betrachtet ausführen Elefanten beratraksi oder die Elefanten füttern. Bei Elephant Safari Park können Sie auch das Museum Gajah besuchen Sie die verschiedenen Sammlungen von Elefanten -themed Kunsthandwerk zu sehen . Es gibt auch eine Reihe von Informationstafeln erläutern die Geschichte des Elefanten. Auch fossilen Mammut und Elefant Skelett. Elephant Safari Park wird von Bali Adventure Tours verwaltet.