Gemitir Garden is an Instagramable tourist destination that can be a reference place for you to visit in Bali.
Gemitir Garden has its own beautiful charm, namely Marigold Flower Garden. This Marigold flower or often called Calindunla has the Latin name Tagetes Erecta which is a flower originating from Central America and Mexico.
Marigold itself means every month because this type of flower always grows at the beginning of each month nonstop.
In addition, Marigold flowers are also considered as sacred flowers like Hindus in Bali because of stories that have circulated. Therefore, the Marigold flower is also used as a series of worship or Hindu prayers in Bali
Actually Gemitir Garden is not a tourist destination because farmers who grow Marigold flowers for sale. But because of its beauty and its location
on the side of the road, many tourists stop by in this flower field to do selfies. After that, this flower field began to be well managed and made into a tourist destination in Bali with a background that was no less beautiful. It is known that Gemitir Garden is spread over an area of ​​two hectares that offers a collection of marigold flowers that thrive and are yellow to spoil the eyes. The Gemitir Garden area also has a magnificent Mount Agung landscape with cool air and beautiful views of the flower garden itself. You can capture several exciting moments when you are here with selfie. The best time to come to this place with Bali car rental with driver is that when the sun is above your head, the light emanating and the charm of the Marigold Flower Garden will blend well. But, if you want to feel a different atmosphere, please come in the afternoon with the moment the sun sets on the horizon into a beautiful and beautiful combination.
Gemitir Garden with Marigold Flowers is located in Belok Village, Badung, adjacent to the Bali Botanical Gardens. If you want to visit Marigold Flower Park, you can use Bali car rental to Belok Village from Denpasar City.

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