The Indonesia Tourism Development Corporation (ITDC), the BUMN developer and manager of the tourism area of ​​The Nusa Dua Bali and The Mandalika Lombok – NTB, continues to be committed to increasing tourist visits in the tourist areas it manages. One form of ITDC’s commitment is manifested in the form of the annual Bali Blues Festival (BBF) event which will be held on July 13-14, 2019 at The Nusa Dua, Badung, Bali, as well as the closing of the Nusa Dua Light Festival held since May 30, 2019 ago.

The event that has entered its 5th year will be centered on Peninsula Island, Nusa Dua, Bali which can be visited during Bali tours, enlivened by a number of blues musicians and famous artists in the country including Gugun Blues Shelter ft. Emmy Tobing, Endah N Rhesa, Nosstress ft. Made Mawut, Balawan & Maxell Reunion, Bali Blues Brother, Suradipa & Gus Teja, Glambeer, The Bardogs, Crazy Horse ft. Joni Agung, The Ratrocker, and Blues Community.
To make it easier for music lovers to come to watch the BBF 2019, the organizers have sold offline and online tickets by holding a number of parties including and its affiliates such as Gotix,, and JD.ID, communities in Bali, BBF Goes To School & Campus Student Vouchers, and University BEM in Bali and Student Council in High School in Bali.

Ticket prices for Bali Blues Festival 2019 are available in a variety of choices, namely tickets through online purchases sold for Rp100 thousand for one day pass, and On The Spot tickets to be released July 13, 2019 for Rp. 150 thousand for a one day pass. By involving a number of local Balinese communities, ITDC is optimistic that this BBF event can be the pride of the Balinese people, especially Badung Regency so that all parties can support and enliven the implementation of this event. This optimism appears to see the enthusiasm of music lovers in buying tickets for the BBF 2019.

Bounty Cruises is the largest luxury cruise ship on the island of Bali. The ship has a length of 44 meters, width of 11.5 meters and 3 floors with a catamaran machine that has two hulls in the middle section with a very strong stability that is safe and comfortable when hit by waves. With a crew of 2 deck officers, 4 deck chan people, 2 engine people, and 1 oiler, the total crew of the ship includes 25 people in the kitchen. In addition, Bounty Cruises is also standard International Maritime Organization (IMO).
Has a capacity of 500 passengers, a life jacket provided by Bounty Cruises as many as 650 life jackets. On the way, Bounty Cruises has 2 trip packages namely Day Cruises and Sunset Dinner Cruises that you can enjoy in Bali tours.

In the Day Cruises package, the route traveled 14 miles with a travel time of about 45 minutes at a speed of 20-25 knots from Bali to Nusa Lembongan. Meanwhile, the Sunset Dinner Cruises package route that is taken is to surround the Benoa Harbor area. With facilities, security, comfort of Bounty Cruises, the largest luxury cruise ship on the island of Bali certainly spoils its occupants.

This year, the Bali Arts Festival 2019 carries the theme “Bayupramana” which means: breath of life. The concept of Bayupramana comes from two words namely “Bayu” and “Prmana”. Bayu means wind while pramana means strength. Bayupramana means the Power of Breath of Life, the most vital energy that lives and controls everything. The meaning is transformed into a theme and wind element that can make a work of art.

The annual Bali Art Festival traditionally begins with a large opening parade that passes through the Bajra Sandhi Monument. The following days, a number of different stages and venues will resonate with various colorful shows presented by various art groups from Bali and other Indonesian islands.

Among the important highlights that should not be missed are the dance drama (Sendratari), Modern Bali theater, Photography Workshop, culinary festivals, and musical performances that you can visit during Bali tours. There will also be various competition options to participate in including documentary film competitions, handicrafts, literary writing, painting, photography competitions. Dramatic and luxurious parades and processions will also be displayed including Gong Kebyar, TopengPanca, Nglawang, DramatariArja, WayangKulitParwa, JogedBumbung, and many more.

As a special treat this year, also in the agenda of the Modern Bonds Competition (Comedy Games), Baleganjur Competition for Children, Drama Gong Parade featuring modern Balinese lyrics, WayangKulitBabad, and other new creative artistic performances.

Through 41 years of history, the Bali Arts Festival has become a medium for rediscovering and preserving unique and famous Balinese arts and culture, while at the same time improving the welfare of its people. Through this special annual event, it is hoped that the authenticity, wisdom and true philosophy of Bali will not only be preserved but will continue to grow and spread to other parts of the world.