bali cooking classIn addition to presenting natural and artistic attractions that attract tourists, Bali never forgets to offer its unique culinary tourism during Bali Tours. The most typical is also simple and easy found is Balinese mixed rice. In Balinese mixed rice, there is definitely a satay wrapped around, egg, tempeh, and lawar vegetables. Lawar and satay wrapped are two items that must be present in Balinese mixed rice. Even though it looks simple, don’t assume it makes it easy. This can be felt when you attend various cooking classes in Bali. In the cooking class a variety of Balinese special menus will be made by the participants. Starting with young jackfruit then chicken, then long beans. Even though it looks easy, it turns out that finely chopping ingredients requires patience and practice. After chopping and putting the ingredients into a container. Participants were asked to chop herbs, including garlic, onion, cayenne pepper, lemongrass, galangal to ginger. The finely chopped ingredients are sauteed and added with salt, sugar, and pepper. The cooked spices are then mixed into the main ingredients then stirred with a little bit of shrimp paste and lime juice. Even though they use the same seasoning, the participants’ homemade vegetables may have different taste and appearance variations. The various herbs and spices to make lawar and satay wrapped in Balinese are quite time-consuming, making participants need quite a long time. Wrapping the meat into the lemongrass stems was also not easy, participants had to repeat several times until the meat was wrapped firmly in lemongrass sticks. Cooking class is one of the tourist activities that are often offered to tourists. In fact, five-star hotels and resorts in Ubud also offer a cooking class experience for tourists and guests who stay. So if you go to Ubud using bali car rental, spend some time trying to learn Balinese culinary cooking.

Bali ToursThe beauty of the island of Bali is undeniable. Over and over this Island of the Gods won world-class awards and recognition about its exotic beauty. This time, the latest award came from luxury magazine, Conde Nest Traveler. Every year Conde Nast Traveler surveys its readers to learn about the development of world tourism. Quoted from the official website of Conde Nest Traveler, this year the magazine involved no less than 600,000 readers to rank 30 islands in the world. The survey results were then released in the List of 30 Best Islands in the World 2019 version of the Conde Nest Traveler reader.
“This year, we divide the ranking according to region, which is the best in Asia, Australia and the South Pacific, Caribbean and Atlantic, Europe, North America, and Africa and the Indian Ocean,” Conde Nest Traveler wrote on their official website. The result, in the Asian category, the five best islands selected, namely Boracay (Philippines), Cebu and Visayan (Philippines), Penang (Malaysia), Palawan (Philippines), and of course Bali (Indonesia).
In the survey, Conde Nest Traveler described Bali as an island like no other. The magazine also writes that Bali has delicious seafood choices. The tourists can even eat directly processed fresh seafood on the beach. In addition to food, Conde Nest Traveler also highlights the uniqueness of Bali, for example, a road dominated by motorcycles to friendly wild monkeys in Uluwatu. However, even though the number of tourists is high and continues to grow, tourists can still find a unique Balinese charm in the serene villages surrounded by rice fields which can be visited in Bali tours.
“You can still hear the faint sounds of gamelan from its citizens who practice all the time, day and night,” the magazine wrote. Not to forget, Conde Nest Traveler also gave a warning about Mount Agung, a volcano that is considered sacred by the Balinese is still active today. Tourists are advised to check out Mount Agung’s seismic and volcanic activity before deciding to leave for holiday in Bali.
Another suggestion, for tourists who don’t like traffic jams, you should avoid Denpasar and Kuta, because these two regions are quite dense, both vehicles and tourists. Instead, Conde Nest Traveler recommends tourists to visit Ubud, a region that is rich in culture and has beautiful nature or take a day trip to Sidemen, to see the vast expanse of rice, or go further, for example to the village of Munduk in the mountains. Both location can be visited with the services of a Bali car rental which provide the best selection of cars for your transportation.

Nusa Penida Festival which is held on 5-8 October 2019 to attract tourists and promote Nusa Penida, Klungkung Regency, Bali, Nusa Penida Festival is an annual event that has been held since 2014 that could be part of your Bali Tour Bali Tours Bali Tours Package Bali Adventure Tours package.
1,000 dancers in the Rejang Renteng Dance were performed on the second day of the Nusa Penida Festival on the coastal area of ​​the Banjar Nyuh Port, Ped Village, Nusa Penida, Bali. Rejang Renteng is an original dance from Nusa Penida which is usually performed by mothers during religious ceremonies. Themed around the beauty of Nusa Penida “The Blue Paradise Island” because the beauty of the Nusa Penida islands is the main attraction for attending and enjoying its beauty.
In addition, during the mat NPF V will also present folk arts and carnivals as well as competitions laden with human values, such as mutual cooperation and cooperation, namely a tug of war contest, megala – gala and sailboats.
To reach Nusa Penida, you can use the services of a Bali Cab Bali Car Rental Bali Car Rental with driver Bali Car Rental with driver Ubud car rental Kuta car rental and Ubud car rental with driver and there are also several accesses that can be used namely through the Port of Sanur to Lembongan and then crossing to Nusa Penida.